This interview experience was interesting. I’m used to interviewing people for accuracy when I’m writing a news story for print, so actually having the raw audio as the final product is weird. The audio recorder I used was my iPhone 6. It was annoying because it would stop recording every once in a while so I’d have to re-start it. I think this happened because the storage on my phone is getting full.

I thought being the interviewer was going to be more stressful than being interviewed. I can talk for hours, but coming up with questions I thought Jeremy would be able to elaborate on was difficult. The funny thing was – after all that difficulty – I ended up only needing to ask two of them. He was able to go on for almost the full five minutes.

Being the interviewee was fun because Jeremy asked about my experiences in Washington, D.C. I felt like I was able to tell my story to its fullest potential in the five minutes and I truly enjoyed talking about it. I also enjoyed asking Jeremy about his childhood experience in Florida. It’s always fun to hear someone recount and commemorate their treasured memories.

One thing we both disliked was the way we sounded after being recorded. We both asked each other, “Is that how I really sound?” I feel like that goes for everyone though… No one likes how they sound! Establishing eye-contact with the person you’re interviewing is also very awkward for me. I tend to just stare and not look like I’m engaged in conversation, so I need to work on that.

After interviewing Jeremy, I kind of kicked myself for not being able to ask more questions. He was just so good at answering what I had asked in the first place! I also wish my phone had worked better. It was giving me such a hard time and I got really frustrated. I’ll just have to make sure I have enough storage next time I interview someone.

Other than these few frustrations, this assignment was really fun. I’m excited to begin editing it down to two minutes.


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