Epcot: Where Jeremy’s dreams came true… Even though he forgot the name.

Plusses and minuses of editing audio

You never really anticipate how long editing audio can take. While editing my 5-minute raw audio segment, it took almost an hour longer to narrow down to 2-minutes than I thought. It’s a tedious assignment, but also enjoyable once you create the final product. Piecing segments of a story together is interesting because you can create something entirely new. It’s cleaner, more concise and much more enjoyable to listen to than the original.

Now that I’ve been through this process, it makes a lot sense why it takes so long to cut. When you’re trying to find pieces of audio that will fit together, you need to listen to the raw audio over and over again to make sure you cut segments at the right spot.

Surprise, surprise

I had a really hard time editing out minor sounds out of the raw file. Even though I did my best, I was surprised these things weren’t easier to alter. I spent hours trying to edit this and I was disappointed that I couldn’t make the audio sound as smooth as possible. The transitions were also really tough because of the speed at which Jeremy was speaking. While editing, I noticed that much of what he said and how he spoke meshed with the next sentence. Therefore, it was harder to cut information out of one section and paste it into another. This was frustrating and no matter how hard I worked at it, it still was not what I wanted.

What I’d do differently

Next time, I think I’d ask my interviewee to speak more slowly. It wasn’t an issue at the time of the interview, so I didn’t think to re-do it and ask him to speak more slowly. I noticed it while I was editing the most. This, I think, would help the process to go more smoothly. Next time, I hope I have the opportunity to make the transitions sound more smooth. Even though I spent hours working on this, I’m sad it couldn’t be more seamless. Next time, I hope to approach it differently.


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